Hey UG what's up I have a question I was hoping someone could help me out here
I have a B-52 AT-112 It's not really loud enough unless I turn the volume up to 8 with the band I'm jamming with. I was wondering if a 2 x 12 cabinet would allow for more volume? By the way I have a 120 watt triple xxc but I like the tone of the B-52 better so that's why I am inquiring about the extra speakers. Anyway any suggestions would be appreciated
7 or 8 is the sweet spot, keep it there!

Anyway, a speaker cabinet would move more air but not much of a noticeable difference, unless you can run the internal speaker at the same time, and have the cab + speaker in different places, which will make it appear louder.
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its not really more volume, just more headroom. is it possible to run both ur amps speakers and the 2X12 like juadafi said?

btw how do u like ur b-52 i wanna get one soon, any reliability problems and such?
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You have a 50 watt amp and you don't have enough volume?!?

Yes having more speakers will move more air, making the sound more intense, giving the impression of it being louder but it's not going to be 1000000 times louder.
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an 2x12extension cabinet will only make the B-52 6 decibels louder, which isn't that much. what i would do is run your XXX into the 2x12 and use a splitter to use both amps at the same time, that should give you the power you need fo sho

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its not really more volume, just more headroom.

headroom stays the same...
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