title. Mine would have to be Trouble no More by the Allman Brothers
Regin Smiður
N.W.A - Express Yourself

classic bassline. all of that old school hiphop is where its at! this new age hiphop with that autotune crap is bull****.
On upright, itd be If I Had $1,000,000 by BNL

on bass guitar I find myself playing Octopuses Garden, Lady Madonna, and She Loves You alot.
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most rage against the machine and Led Zeppelin. great bass lines zeppelin has
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Phantom of the opera Iron Maiden
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I voted lime.

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btw lime kicked ass

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Tulips- Bloc Party

A close second would be
Summer Skin- Death Cab For Cutie
Hand that feeds - Nine inch nails
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N.W.A - Express Yourself

classic bassline. all of that old school hiphop is where its at! this new age hiphop with that autotune crap is bull****.

Agreed, I think Autotune makes everything fake. One of my personal favorites to play along to is Nirvana's song Heart Shaped Box.
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jazz bass.

t-bird is muddy inversatile, and reminds me of emo chicks.

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Just because i just learned em both and they are probably the most difficult metal songs that ive taken the time to learn Decapitated - Humans Dust and Spheres of Madness.

However, i come back to Kyuss - Green Machine all the time so thats probably my favorite.
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Radiohead's "Karma Police". Very easy song but its a lot of fun to jam to.. not sure why, i just get into it.

I also enjoy playing along to "Super Rad!" by The Aquabats
of the more recent songs we've been working on, a two song medley, starting as Zepplin's Heartbreaker , then morphing to Warpigs by Sabbath is very fun. i also like playing power ballads, and Creep by Radiohead is my current favorite. i get the most fun working on the original songs. can't wait to post them.
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Phantom of the opera Iron Maiden

I would have to agree that is the song which I love to play most. Running Free is also lots of fun.
Jamiroquai - When You Gonna Learn

Awesome little bass line in that song
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Allthough i still suck at bass and i can't play it too well yet, my favourite is Orion, which is also one of my favourite songs of all time, and best work Metallice ever made.
Hall of the mountain king. First tune i learned and still love it.
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Phantom of the opera Iron Maiden

This song is a bitch to play in a band setting, I dunno maybe it's just me. Fantastic song though.

At the Minute I am enjoying some of the more simple Rush Basslines, ''Time Stand Still'' comes to mind and ''Freewill'' too. I love how the guitar and bass parts blend in and out of each other.

I am enjoying playing through Black Sabbaths debut album as well though. ''Evil Woman'' and ''The Wizard'' have so much groove to them.
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Nevermind. The absolute brainlessness of The Misfits' "Theme for a Jackal" makes it the most fun by far.
Canned heat (Jamiroquai) is what I'm having the most fun with. Not the most difficult, but the most fun by far Phantom of the opera is fun too, I've jammed with it before. (you know, when I still had people to jam with )
"Warehouse" by The Dave Matthews Band. Sick solo in there.

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i would have to say soul to squeeze by RHCP. it may be my favourite of Flea's Basslines
Fingerstyle> Hysteria - Muse
Slap>Can't Stop - RHCP
Pick> Carousel - Blink 182

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flickorna på Tv2 - Gyllene Tider Reggae-pop

Money-Pink Floyd

Watchin' you- KISS
I'll definitely by trying some of these out. Jamiroquai bass definitely sounds fun!

Currently I do have to concur with a previous poster about Led Zeppelin basslines.

My particular favourite being: Rock and Roll

Also, I really enjoy:

Yes - Owner of a Lonely Heart
Pearl Jam - Jeremy (I've never seen a correct tab for the ending chorus's of this so you have to learn all the fun bits by ear)
Steppenwolf - Born to be Wild
Deep Purple - Space Trucking

I would love to learn some Prljavo Kazaliste basslines but it isn't really a priority to learn Yugoslavian/Croatian Rock music right now
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Death - Spirit Crusher
Atheist - Mother Man
Quo Vadis - Dead Man's Diary

Not particularly able to play these three completely through at full speed, but workin' my way there. They all are fun to play and not boring, so I stick with it.
Nowhere to Run (No where to hide) is one of my favourites. And the Ocean by Led Zeppelin. And a whole lot more I can't think of at the present.
I love playing anything built on 12 bar blues, I just get in the groove easy. Some other songs I enjoy are:

Sure Know Something - KISS
Money - Pink Floyd
Sweet Child O Mine - Guns n Roses
Sunshine of Your Love - Cream (mainly because people instantly recognise it)
Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet