I'm looking to make to a Buckethead replica style guitar. I have the white lespaul and the white open coil pickups, but I am having trouble locating hardware that is white. Does anyone know where I can get said hardware or any other options that I might have? I figure I can spraypaint everything white except the bridge and the tuning pegs but if I could avoid spray painting and just get every piece of hardware white, that would make my life that much easier.
When I move the saddles won't the paint chip? And would spray painting the hardware really look just as good?
You can get a powder caoting gun for like $60USD Craftsman has one and I'm not sure how much the powder itself but its a system you can do at home with your oven.
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yep, alternatively if you can strip your hardware to bare metal, the have a spray paint that goes over it the hardware, probly at your local hardware store, don't know if they make it in a white though, i've only used red.
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Maybe white Engine paint will work if you could strip the chrome or color away.
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i sure hope you put a killswitch in there! and some x2n's!
or you could make his jackson V, imo wayy better.
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Well his white Les Paul has just been my dream guitar for God knows how long. I just fell in love with it at first sight. His Jackson is pretty sick though. I am going to try to put built in distortion and a killswitch in there. And to strip the metal, do you think rubbing down the hardware with steel wool would work? And would I be using powder coating or just regular spraypaint?
Yeah it's near impossible to find white hardware, and I do concur that spraypaint or powdercoat would be your best bet.
If you've ever seen newBUCKETHEADcover on youtube, I helped build his replica. But on his he chose gold hardware so it's more similar to his 08-09 Signature Prototype from Gibson
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i'm pretty sure his original white hardware was painted white.
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