So I just put my Fender SP-10, Pocket POD Express and DS-1 pedal on craigslist for $110 and will be buying a new amp with the money. I'm planning on getting the Vypyr 15 but might look for a used vypyr 30 for that price which I would prefer. So any suggestions for good cheap amps? I play Alt-Metal?Thrash/Metalcore and celtic folk. Don't tell me to save for a Blackstar HT-5 or anything expansive because I don't have enough money for it (I'm saving for bagpipes which are $1000+) I play in my bedroom mostly but would like something that could be used for playing with friends in a gargae or something. SO would a Vypyr 15 cut it?

Thanks for any help!
You should be good. You might want the Vype 30 if you need to get over a drumset but otherwise I say go for it.
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