dream on: i like the piano. it sounds pretty fake but i like the progression. i think if you got some real instruments it would sound sooo much better. you have garageband, just buy an interface and record yourself. the composition in your songs is in general good, but it all sounds really fake.

crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1180165
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Yeah I'm aware about the fakeness, and I'd love to record it all properly, but I recorded these "fake" recordings just to get the ideas down, to hear how it all connects. As soon as I get proper equipment I will record everything for real. I can't listen to your stuff right now but I will do it tommorrow
Fair enough man! i do that sometimes, and often i'll use midi drums to get an idea of how a song will sound before i bring it to the band
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Quote by chrisatgrace
before i bring it to the band

That's my problem exactly, I have no band... I listened to your stuff just now, check your thread for the crit!
well, i didn't get into a good one till 4 years into playing? give it time. idk how long you've been at the guitar.
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i listend to banana spliff. lol nice title. i just had one today haha. cool funky kind of song. it flows ok. its hard to crit much though without a full band/real interments because it will sound allot differant then it does now. a like the little jug sounds. it reminds me of video game music. like stuff you would hear in a n64 game or something. good job.

c4c/ https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1181917
That was an 8 minute masterpiece mate. Seriously, people are saying that it's too fake, but for programmed piano/xylophone/drums you won't find a better sound than this. ESPECIALLY the drums, which sound great.

Mate... I love it! Amazing stuff. Wow. It's like progressive post-pop or something. Fantastic. Really takes you on a journey. Too many good things to mention. I love when a drum beat cuts in at double time in one section.. and when that section ends the main theme with synth strings comes back to tie it together and overdriven guitar fades in.

ALSO love the acoustic guitar theme in quavers plays over the piano chords and the beauitful strings making appearences and xylophone subtely mimicking and responding.

A piece with nuances and little things that make it great. If this piece was performed/recorded professionally, man I would be ALL OVER IT. Love the outro played with what I can only pick as MIDI wine glasses.

Thanks for the crit, and thanks for introducing me to this amazing thing haha, I have a myspace and I am going to add you. I'm D&M
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Dream On:starts very relaxing , the part at 1:30 is amazing , especially when the distortion starts. The part at 3:50 is a bit RHCP-ish, progressing into something Rush could play,
but the part at 5:00 reminds me of Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone on my gameboy color.
Then you relax again, nice dynamics. Ofcourse it'll sound better with real instruments.
Maybe you could ask a family member to play it?
Nice song.
Wow, I'm really overwhelmed with the good feedback! Hot Pants, that's just fantastic, thank you very much for your in-depht praise, I'm equally impressed with your stuff. Rubbersoul, I understand not everyone is into the prog thing, but I'm glad you like parts of it anyway, thanks a lot. Waffleguy, thank you too! Yeah, I might ask my dad to play the claviature/synth parts, and I can lay the guitar parts. What's missing is a drummer, and a bass player... Again, I need a band Oh and I'll listen to your stuff and crit it right now.
On the whole fakeness thing, learn to play with the velocity of the notes and that will help. If you hear variation in the attack of the notes it sounds more real.

I like Dream On, though. I don't mind the lack off dynamics in the notes. Perhaps you should emphasise this. The bit with the filtered bass walking was a little lame, though.

This must have taken you ages in GarageBand with all the feel and signature changes that the program just doesn't do.
Yeah, I know varied velocity would make much difference, but since I create all the tracks by "drawing" in the sequencer (I don't own a keyboard, but I will soon), every note has the same velocity. I could manually change the velocity of every single note, but that's just not worth the time it takes. About the filtered bass walking part, do you mean the part at around 4.00? how do you mean "lame", the riff is uninteresting or just the arrangement of it, like I should have more dynamic drums or other instruments?

And yes, it took ages especially the part that has another tempo, since GB doesn't support different tempos within one project for some reason. I had to create another project with the desired tempo and then export it to iTunes and then insert it in the original project... a bit tedious
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I can't remember which time, but it was a bit like the cheesier parts of ELP/Genesis. You know, the bit where your parents rock out and you go 'please, not in front of my friends'?

Anyway, don't let that put you off.

And you should at least try to do some notes with the velocity. A lot of times, I just write it in normal, then change a few bits here and there. It's just about listening to how that instrument sounds when someone else does it, then emulating that. Sometimes certain parts just have a tendency for harder or softer playing. The piano and drums are extremely important to get right with this.
New song up, titled "New Song"... Check it out by clicking the link in the first post. It's the first song that features a live recording and that is the solo, recorded on my computer keyboard. I didn't do much quantizing on the solo since I wanted the song to feel less "programmed" than the other songs, which I hope it does, atleast in that part. Everything else is done in my traditional way of drawing in the sequencer. Enjoy, and as always C4C.

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Dream on:
Nice instrumentation. Synths, strings, piano, this is brilliant. The image in my mind is some guy playing piano on an erupting volcano.
Ok, the staccato part is strange. NOT a guy on a volcano. Ah, the "fake" instrument. If you ever get a chance to record to this for real, tell me. I'm digging the huge electric guitars...
C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1202906
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Hey, some new stuff up. One is "liquification", which really is supposed to be a part of a much longer song, just that I never got around to record it all And then there is "W.M.C", kudos to anyone who knows what that stands for, and if so where I might have got it from Oh and yeah, although I already posted an update regarding the craftily named song "new song", I never got any crit on that so feel free to give that one a listen too. Thanks in advance, and as always, crit for crit.

Link: http://www.myspace.com/strangebutdifferent
Hey dude, I listened to a couple of your tracks and I liked em!


Very cool guitar in this one. The main riff is very complex and I like that a lot. The best part of this track was near the middle, when you brought in some strange instrument, and then dropped some really nice toms over everything. Very nice, a song like this would be a pain to record, but I imagine it would sound really great with real instruments. I also liked how it was very progressive sounding, without being way too over the top and drawn out. It was concise and tidy, and made for a nice engaging listen.


This track is a lot more electronic with the synth you have there. It's quite atmospheric though, and the drum beat gives it all a nice groove. It's sort of a strange progression to hear, almost jazzy with the way you have the lead over the top. Really short, but cool to hear!

Nice work on these, I hope you keep composing, and record some of these!!