I want to get a deep sound and I want to play in Drop D (Lamb Of God style) and Drop C.

What brand and gauge strings should I get, and what pickups would you suggest too if you know about them.

Well seeing as you're dropping to a low tuning, I'd say get 11's or 12's so that the strings aren't too loose when you downstune. 10's, 9's and 8's go way too loose in Drop C and even the low D in Drop D can be pretty loose.
EB heavy top slinky bottom, and SD's or EMGs
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I really dig the Ernie Ball 11's in the yellow package. I think the top is 54.
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I really dig the Ernie Ball 11's in the yellow package. I think the bottom is 54.


beefy slinkies is what you're talking about, i would recommend them too for those tunings. well actually it depends. i would get the beefy slinkies if your guitar was a short scale guitar like an SG or les paul etc, but i would get skinny top heavy bottom 10-52 if you're guitar was full scale, like a strat or ibanez RG or something. as for pickups, tell us what your setup is and we'll be able to help

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I'd go with GHS "Heavywieghts". Its the closest to that KE/5FDP sound when matched up with the right euipment.

Thicker strings across the board hold the low tunings well, 12's should be good. Your action and neck may have to be looked at, slightly.
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Nutin is correct. And when I said top string, I meant as you're playing the guitar, not as in the high strings. So yes, bottoms. I have used these strings for a little over a year now, switching from the purples, which are 11-49, and before that it was D'Addario 12-52 going back 10 years.

For sake of string conversation I tried GHS not long ago and they were terrible. They went dead 10X sooner than the Ernie Ball strings I mainly use.
The 54 is a bit stiff on an RG, but coming from playing 12's, I've developed decent playing power, so it's not a problem.
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