i like the feel of this. the drums sound good. the "bass" does not sound good haha. lead acoustic needs to be louder. i wasn't really a fan of the falsetto. your vocals are way to effected, and it sounds like your covering up a lack of confidence. i like the melody, but your voice (from what i can hear through the effects) is fairly pitchy and nasally. i think with practice you could be a good singer. you're a very good song writer, i just think that your execution could use work.

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thanks for the comment...i can't really help that my voice is nasally, i was born with a cleft palate and all the work they had to do on my mouth gives me a nasally tone when i sing. the effects make more sense in headphones, basically it's a ton of reverb and the voice keeps wandering between either speaker. now that you mention it i think the lead acoustic is too low.
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mmm i was listening to it through akg's i just think a little less verb would be better
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i really like the hallelujah cover. the vocals sounded fine. i just think a little more confidence, and less effects
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You have a nice calming vibe on this one. The guitars have a really clear quality to them, nice job with that. As far as drums and bass goes, all i can say is that I'm all too familiar with what you've done here. I use garageband drum samples and the octave shifter for bass on all my recordings, definitely gets the job done . The structure of your song seems solid and well thought out. I think you could probably do away with the tremolo effect or whatever it is on the vocals that causes them to pan from left to right. It was kind of distracting but you seem to have a good voice, so nothing to be worried about.
Id appreciate it if you could take a look at my newest here:
Originally i thought my song might not be your style at all, since it is metal, but after listening to the waiting love 2009 on your profile, i was pretty surprised Right on for variety haha
take care
thanks man

and yeah, i was born and raised a metalhead...i wrote that song when some weird kid posted his awful lyrics to a love song on myspace last year, and asked if anyone would be willing to make it into a song. i obliged, but I took it in a bit of a...different...direction that what he wanted. haha
Nice song, something about the bass bothers me though...not quite placing it though. And less reverb. But overall, a nice feel to it. I like it.

cool track. it was hard to listen to though with all the effects./ to spacey. at first it was great but after a min of it started to get old. i think without them all it would sound allot better. youre a good singer from what i can tell. just more confidence maybe. tone was okay. this reminded me of something from the 60s. nice work man. good compositio also.

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