My bass has a rosewood fretboard. I've had it for 9 months, and never used any kind of oil on it; I didn't realize I had to. I now realize my fretboard is in danger of warping or cracking. I asked my mom if there was any lemon oil in the house, and she said there was (it's an aromatherapy thing, would this work?), but seeing as we recently moved, and it's in a tiny little bottle, it's seemingly impossible to find. We're 30 miles away from the nearest town with a decent store, so I was wondering if there's anything else I could use that would work just as well that we might have around the house. I'm asking because I literally am broke; I have zero dollars and zero cents, which means I'd have to get my mom to buy it, which will take months. Also, how do you apply it? Do you put it on a rag, or what? If I have to buy it, where would I find it at a store?

Edit: I know this entire thing is a mass of questions; any of them that you could answer would be helpful.
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i dress out my fretboard when i change strings. i scrub down the frets and board with a window cleaner(alcohol based) because it removes the dirt, and drys fast. then i wipedown the fretboard with mineral oil. a rosewood fretboard is not that fragile. even a decent furniture polish will work fine.

Edit: don't use vegetable oil, it'll go rancid and stink.
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If there's a lot of gunk on the fretboard. Use very fine steel wool, then when most of it is off/loose, wipe it down with a damp cloth. Go WITH the grain, you don't want to scratch the wood.

Then treat it with Lemon Oil Just spray a wee bit onto a rag then wipe down your fretboard

That's what I was told, and it was the best advice I had ever recieved