Hey guys.

I'm 15 and going into my last year of school in September, followed by a further two years at my school's sixth form and possibly by a further three years at university. A few months ago I thought I had everything planned out - I would get a degree in law, maths, media or psychology and do music on the side. Recently though I've come to terms that the most passionate I've ever been about anything is music, playing guitar, and the emotion that goes into Gothic and Progressive music. To tell the truth, I'm happiest when I'm doing music related things, and that's what I want to do for the rest of my life.

The problem is that my other desires don't allow room for anything else. If I were to become a solicitor or a psychologist per se, I wouldn't be able to take up opportunities in music because in order to do so I'd have to quit the job, not to mention the further four years I'd have to invest in Law for the proper training to become a solicitor. This is further conflicted by my family who already see my media and psychology interests a waste of time, let alone my passion for music.

I have two choices really - give up the career options that would secure me financially and chase my ambitions while teaching guitar and taking up part time work, or give up music in order to play it safe.

I know that in the end this is a decision that I myself will have to make, but the UG forums host some experienced minds who may have faced such a conflict before, as well as inexperienced fresh meat who might one day face the same question. I'd like the imput of a third, neutral party.

Eagerly looking forward to replies.

aim lower, try and fid a job thats more flexible, i mean if ur intelligent and capable of breezing uni so easy why dont u set up ur own company, take business courses u could open a guitar shop even

EDITT: if u want to be high payed financially secure, have great benefits pension, and like law, think about being a public attorney (the people who represent people who cant afford represntation, usually small cases, mainly just yobs and asbo's most cases end the same day in one court session, meaning weekends and evenings are completely free, and you can choose not to take a case for moral issues (meaning u think hes guilty, even if u dont, u get time off, and they just give him to someone else
edit2: u wont lose any money by not taking a case unless u reject loads, u get payed a set amount by the government i.e teachers 30k, lawyers more like 80k (sterling)
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I think the only way you'll be happy and financially secure is to find a compromise. Even if you do become whatever you become and work a couple of years, just to realise that it's not what you really want, at least with that kind of job you can have some finances to buy recording equipment, gear, etc.

Theres actually a long list of famous musicians with Uni degrees. Did you know the lead singer of The Offspring has a Ph.D in Microbiology?

So don't think of age as a limiting factor, and don't think that whatever you decide will be set in stone.

EDIT: So I guess what I'm trying to say is go to University and get a degree as sort of a fallback, or maybe you'll find that you love being a lawyer. Then decide which you want to do.
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If you really like music then don't waste your time and money in College. If you aren't so sure, i'd just suck it up and go even though you really don't want to