After a long day of work and cross country practice I come home to a nice little suprise sitting on my front door.

Firing Cops? Whats in Cincinnati?

Wilson Effects, Thats What!

I give you the 6 position Rippah Q-Wah!


SN 051

With the rest of the family

I wont be able to try her out until next week because its late and Im leaving town in the morning, but until then I can only dream.

I do know that Kevin Wilson was excellent to deal with and offers a huge variety of wahs as well as other pedal that he builds by hand. If you're looking for a nice Wah that is not Dunlop but you dont want to sell a kidney for a Fulltone or RMC definitely look in to Wilson Effects.
Sig What?
Wilson makes awesome wahs!
Even though I still returned mine

Id kill to have your Maxon though.

EDIT: Along w/ your Phase 90 & Delay