hi everyone at UG , i would like to get some feedback on my playing , so if everyone could watch my video , and tell me what they think , i would be very great full , compliments are welcomed , but i would prefer constructive criticism .. thanks .

my video

* this is kind of an old vid , but its the only one i got at the moment .

so enjoy ..
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Its ok. Messed up a bit but whatever. The squealies sounded like out of place. And it kinda got old because it sounded the same.

But i wouldnt say it was bad. I say its OK
It's pretty good, I'd leave the whammy bar alone and focus more on straight playing and then work that in later. It's a little difficult to hear the backing track so I can't make the most detailed commentary on the improvisation. Try and practice the accuracy of your bends though, some sounded fairly out of tune. You can use the next few frets as reference notes and then try and match the pitch by bending up, or you can use two fret spacing on the G and B strings to practice unison bending which is a little easier if you haven't had very much ear training.