Hey if u are thinking about joining our band you have to be in high school freshman-junior so it wont be awkward. We sound like renegades of funk by RATM (mix with led zepplin, rhcp, soad, pink floyd, van halen for guitar not so much for bass and drums) still have a lot off variety in our songs, which is why u must open to all music. Also u have to be a friend or else were just not going to work. If u do become our singer u must get singing lessons whatever is better for you.

We live in Miami and have practices on sat 11am-to well late in the night if u need to go out try to make it at night cause we only have one per week. If u want to contact us our drummer's # is (305)904-1060 and guitarist: (786)489-8101.
Drummer Pearl amazing!!!
talk to us if u want to change guidlines please!!!!
Drummer Pearl amazing!!!