Im looking to get into some recording onto my computer. It already has a mid range sound card that is decent for direct in recording but i'm looking to set up a cheap rig to get multiple tracks from multiple instruments(though not at once) onto my PC in a cost effective way. Obviously i need some recording software (such as audacity or riffworks or some such thing) though i don't know which has an easy interface or the best workflow, so i'd like some input on that. I can get the software cheap no matter what it is so that really doesn't factor into cost. I do, however, need an interface that actually allows mo to record sound directly onto te PC. I was looking at a POD x3 since it will allow me to add in effects and modelling that i otherwise cant afford. I'm not sure how the process really works though(i need to record both guitar and bass). I know that the Pod Studios are direct recorders, but what real advantage do these have over the x3? which one will give me the easiest, best quality, and cheapish recording?
Dude, I need a price range for how much your willing to spend and from that I'll get you the best possible rig.
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wanna save money? bit torrents
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>$400-500. I dont want it costing me an arm and a leg and ill gladly go used if i find the right stuff. AND the torrents are *cough* taken care of *coughcough*