Hello everyone. This is my first post on this site and I hope I am in the right place. I am looking for advice on which direction I should go.

I have been trying to self teach myself how to play the guitar on and off for several years. Unfortunately I do not have very much natural talent but I can learn at times. I have used several different books. Most of them teach how to read music and how use notes and a couple chords to play basic songs. I used a few with some different strategies. I have never finished any of them . On and off practice and some times lack of time.

I have tried tabs a little but I struggle to read them because I am more accustomed to reading sheet music.Especially if they have the cords listed above the music I am in good shape.

I am getting better at my play but no where near a good musician. But I would like to continue to improve my playing. And learn some songs other than "you are my sunshine"My question is what should I do. Should I try to learn to play tabs of continue to try to learn sheet music? Either way are there any good sites for exercises for anything that could add to my ability?

Any advice is appreciated
Firstly, allow me to say, Welcome to UG, most of us realyl do ry to help.

Secondly, This is the wrong forum. The most helpful people are going to be in Musician Talk.
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Specifically when playing guitar, sheet music and tabs offer no huge distinction.

Sheet music will give you an advantage at being able to recognize and understand intervals better, but really that means nothing if you take the time to read any kind of music theory literature.

More importantly, I think that tabs are actually a better way to learn because they offer music that you enjoy. This isn't to say that you can't find sheet music you enjoy, but rather that you can find almost any artists songs in tab form online.

In the end do the one thing that is best for you. Practice both tabs and not tabs. Whichever one makes you feel like you are playing better then stick with it. Also, it is never a bad thing to learn both sheet music and tabs, having both will be actually a huge advantage.

What you should do is get the program Guitar Pro or Powertab. Each one offers an interface with both sheet and tab styles, so you can use both to help you understand.

EDIT: Some of these people tell you to get a teacher, this is something that will help a lot and make sure you get a private one if it ends up that way. However I have a problem with teachers because, at least to me, it makes the guitar feel like work instead of play. If you can sit down and play guitar about an hour a day (seriously play, not just sit and strum around), then you should be able to see improvement very soon.

Also one more thing, there are tabs out there that feel very difficult to learn at first, but they are really easy with a bit of practice. If you need any starter songs to learn on your own then PM me. I have a list of all of the songs that I have learned since I started playing guitar and I am sure I can find a couple in your exact difficulty area.
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+1 for the Guitar Pro approach. Helps with interval and timing greatly. Not just for the fact it can play it for you, but I print out most of my sheet music for when I go out places with my guitar, so I have a nice way to look at timing without having it being played.
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Welcome to The Pit.
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Get a teacher, AT LEAST to provide a foundation for you to build off of yourself.

UG has some great learning resources, but STAY OUT OF THE PIT. It sucks you in, and you end up wasting all your time here, and your skill as a guitarist begins on a slow downward spiral. (E.G., Me and just about everyone posting in this thread.)
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