I have an OLP 5-String bass, but the truss rod is shot to hell, and the guitar is unplayable. I love the body and weight of the bass, and want to just replace the neck. Anything to know about doing this? Or is it that easy to buy a new neck for it and bolt it on? If that won't work, what would be the best way to go about this project?

As long as you get the right neck/one that fits and fit it securely, there shouldn't be a problem.

Out of interest, how did your old one get so bad?

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I never adjust the truss rod in my instruments, because I don't want to screw them up. I just started getting a lot of dead notes on the E and A strings, and took it to a luthier. He told me what was up with it. It was a used bass, so the original owner may have tweaked it, but I have no idea.
Do the OLP's have the same 6 bolt neck thier Musicman counterparts? Or are they more like Fenders with 4 bolts?

Cuz the 6 bolt neck is considerablely more difficult to find, as opposed to the 4 bolt.
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Mine is a four. do i have to get the exact bass, or can i just choose any neck? i want a five string, but maybe change to a different style other than the olp or musicman style. my bass neck now also has the ernie ball headstock
I should have probably asked this first but how wide is the neck at the heel? Cuz I believe the OLP is going to be a little to slim use any sort of Fender replacement neck. And just about all of replacement necks your going to find are going to use the fender dimensions - which in your case the magic number is 74 mm wide at the heel.

EDIT: Actually now that I'm thinking about it more, the OLP's bottom is squared off, and the Fender's is going to be rounded, so without routing your body, the neck isn't going to fit in the pocket reguardless of how wide the heel is or how many bolts it has.

So your best bet is probably going to be ebaying a different OLP neck .
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An exact match would probably be your best bet... I wouldn't mess around with any different styles. The chances of having a non-fitting neck... *shudder* That's too expensive, IMO. Granted, I am a poor college lad.
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