Lately I've been in the market for a new delay. I was considering buying the Akai Headrush E2, but was turned off by the fact that it didn't self-oscillate well. So, I'm currently looking for another one. Any recommendations? Some requirements:

-Under $250
-Able to self-oscillate
-Reverse, while not mandatory, is a definite bonus
-Looping, again not mandatory, but a plus
-The longer delay time the better


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DigiTech Hardwire DL-8. Up to 8 seconds of digital delay, a looper, great tape and analog simulations, reverse delay, a modulated delay mode (unfortunately, the modulation isn't adjustable) etc.

If you want something a bit "more", there's the Line 6 DL4, which has shorter loop time, unfortunately, but gets alot more complex.
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Nova Delay perhaps? Or a DD-20. It has 23 seconds of delay, which is honestly a little out of hand, but still fun to mess with.
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line 6 DL4 self-oscillates on the lo res setting
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