I'm regretfully selling an amazing Mesa Stiletto Ace head in flawless condition, because the project I bought it for has since broken up (without this amp ever seeing a show or taken out of the studio & home). It comes with the footswitch, cable, and headcover, all which were never used and are in perfect condition.

This particular Mesa Boogie Stiletto sounds amazing and is warm and smooth with a great midrange. I used it with some greenbacks and man, it sounded great. Perfect British crunch, searing smooth Mesa-esque leads, and an amazing clean (I liked this clean better than my Fender's). You can even slave a preamp into this, and the Ace's power section still allowed me to use the Presence, and all of the power switching options!!!

Anyway, if I start playing in a loud band again, I will be buying this amp again (and hopefully getting a good one again).

Shipping is $40 and I'll send it FedEx ground anywhere in the continental us (international buyers pay actual shipping).

Get this amazing amp now for $995.