aight so check it

like im not real sure what eq settings are good for producing a half way decent

same goes for compressing

like im a complete dumb fuc* when it comes to this
but i figured anything that i can find out would help

jus listen to these songs
and gimmie what u think would help out alot with making the guitarst more in the front
sound fuller, etc etc im sure some one on this site knows what im talkin bout

Right where to begin...

1It sounds like it was recorded live, is that correct?

If so everything needs to be recorded seperately so that individual instruments' respective eq's can be adjusted. in you're recording program (Pro tools, Logic, Cubase etc.)

Unfortunately there isn't any "default" eq settings for everything, it's a case of playing around with the eq until you're happy with the sound.

Sorry if it's not much help, but like i said, unless those instruments were all tracked individually, it'll be extremely difficult to give the guitars more prominence.
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hey i used to be in a hardcore band, and i found that when recording, it is essential to add so middle frequencies to your guitar tone. when playing live, you can get away with having the hollow nasally tone, but in the studio it just sounds like ****.

so, to get a good tone, you've got to re-record the guitars and change the tones at the source: your amp. no matter how much you equalize in the post processor, it will still sound bad if you dont have a good source.
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I'd say you need to record well before trying to think about EQ and compression. The recordings on your mySpace sound like crap because they were poorly recorded. You have too much room ambiance on everything, and it's not a flattering room let me tell you, so compression is out of the question. Do over. Then we can talk about mixing.
no no, i already knew those recordings blew hahaha
that was jus audio taken from a video that we recorded
and spiced up a bit
what im trying to figure out
is like when im in the studio at the moment
like everything is done track by track
and ive found pretty good eq settings
i guess more specific would be
im trying to get that REAL cd quality sound like i have no idea how in the world to achieve that, but every one of u are right, hahaha, the recordings do sound like str8 poop right now hahahahahahaha