What kinda guitar sounds like something like an Ibanez Jem, that wont burn a 2000 dollar whole in my pocket?

I like the 3 pickups in it, 2 hums, and a single coil, and love the different variations of style/ sound it can make. Like the jazz, to blues, to classic rock, to metal. And I like the wang bar too, thats always fun to play with?

So are there any ibanezes like that, or anything really, that I can get that Jem sound?
Well, yeah, I'm getting a b52 at112 tube amp first, then a new guitar once I save up.
Check out the Ibanez RG1570 then, though you might want to switch the pickups out for DiMarzios or Bare Knuckles.
The 1570 still seems a little out of my price range, for now anyway. Hell, I wont have any money after I buy my amp, but I'm saving up. It seems really good for what I'm looking for though.