So, I recently purchased a new Epiphone EJ-200 guitar and I'm really working hard on keepin' her looking pretty. What I was wondering was, is it bad, for the guitar, to keep the capo on the headstock on the guitar when not in use? For now, I've been leaving it off, but I've found that I tend to forget it when I go places.
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I always take the capo off, just in case
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I always take the capo off, just in case

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As far as I know, it's perfectly fine. I normally leave my capo on the headstock of my acoustic, and it's suffered far worse.
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I take it off.
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Just don't keep it on way to tight, my brother dented his headstock a little like that.
If it's a clamp on it should be ok.
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It should be fine but if you just put the capo in the guitar case after your done using it you wouldn't lose it.
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