It's just a rough demo which needs work but this is it so far. Any suggestions on how to improve?


Also, I'm not a solo person so my solo is awful. Someone else would be soloing anyways.
Your riffs were okay, quite the 80's thrash vibe to them. I didn't think the solo was too bad, it was out of key/time in some parts but really i dont think thats too big of a deal. The drums seem to do their job, they sound pretty good for a drum machine.
I think the vocals are lacking quite a bit, though. I can understand if you're not a singer, but I think they really could use some work. It feels like there's no power behind them, especially the opening growl and the falsetto bit, and the rest of the song is practically spoken word. I think the vocals are a bit too loud in the mix as well.
Also, all the tracks sound like they're panned dead center so the sound is very hollow. If you are able to pan the tracks, i would consider double tracking the rhythm guitar, and panning one hard left, one hard right to get a fuller sound. Also I'm not sure if I heard any bass or not but if its there it wouldn't hurt to bring it up in the mix a bit.
I think this has potential to become a really cool track, i like the cheeky lyrics and your ideas, but i think you can do better in the execution. Good job and keep at it!
take care
Yo thanks for the tip about making one left and right. I did it with my other songs and it sounds 10 times better. And I'm not a singer that's why it sounds pretty bad haha. It's just to kind of show where lyrics might go.
Sure man no problem. I remember when somebody first told me about that i was really amazed how much a difference it can make in the overall sound. Glad to be of some help.
Well, the first 50 seconds was fantastic. Then your singer made their intro... I actually laughed out loud. I'm a huge subscriber to the fact that your lyrics don't really matter. Pantera and anthrax are living proof [RIP dimebag] of this, so it doesn't really matter that yours are bad, but your singer is mildly embarrasing. The 'aliiiiiiiive' part made me laugh too.

That having been said, everything except for the vocals were fantastic. You nailed the thrash metal riff, and you're one of the few bands on this site whose drums actually are the right volume. Great job.
Thanks man. Yea the lyrics and singing isn't supposed to really be serious haha. I was trying to make it thrash but didn't now if I nailed it or not so thanks for that.