Hi, i was wondering, how common is it for a song to have the bass use a different tuning than the guitars? Whenever I listen to/write a song, it's pretty much just gone without saying that the guitars and bass will all be tuned the same, but this can't always be the case, so how often is it different?
well, off teh top of my head I can only think of one song, If You Have To Ask by RHCP John is normal tuned, Flea is D-tuned.

You could also consider Power Of Equality by RHCP i suppose. John just tunes his guitar 1/2 step down on high E, Flea is full 1/2 step down on bass if I recall right.

Thats all I can think of tho. Not much need because they're normally in the same key fo rthe song.
Try adding more delay.
I can't think of many others either.

I know the bass on Degausser by Brand New is in Drop D (but the guitars are standard)
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For the most part is advantageous to match up. Try not tuning your guitarist and have have write a riff using a lot of open notes, you'll see what I mean.
Hmm... I've seen people play More than a Feeling with their bass in Drop D and the guitars in Standard
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