my friend has a fender jazz bass, i dont know if you know what the switch (for the pickups) looks like but its a three way, but its like mounted on a pot to change tone in between the pickups.

he doesnt like twisting isnt quick enough, so he wants me to put in a gibson style 3 way toggle switch in its place. the config on the bass is HH, both are actives. what switch could i use, a link would be nice if possible. and would it be the same as wiring a typical g-style 3 way as wouldbe a guitar with 2 humbuckers?

if i can make it anymore more clear just tell me.
it would be like a regular gibson three way selector, try looking on this site for parts: www.guitarelectronics.com
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just totally the sme???? because his is on a pot, for scraping all that detailed tone in between the pickup. so just take the wires of the lugs on the pot and right onto the switch?