Last week I won a pedal for $40 AUD and it arrived today

Wonder whats inside?

Its a Vintage Tel-Ray Morley Black Gold Chorus/Volume pedal. This has a switch to activate the chorus mode. It is stereo. In comparison to my Boss CE-2 MIJ, it sound a fair bit more lush and spacious. The only downside to this pedal it the fact that it it MASSIVE!!
I sold the Vox wah which was stock, I have a Dunlop 535Q coming in the mail soon along with a bunch of pedals.

EDIT: BTW That gear list is currently outdated by a long shot.
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I'll list all the gear anyway

Guitar - Schecter C1 Blackjack 2008

Amp - Bugera 333 Head

Cab - Bugera Cab 4x12 (Trying to find an Avatar 2x12 Cab for a good price)

Pedals -

On Board atm - Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe --> Boss HF-2 MIJ --> MXR Phase 90 Script with LED --> ISP Decimator --> Mi Audio G.I. Fuzz --> Boss OD-1 MIJ --> Vox Satchurator --> [AMP]

Effects loop - Boss CE-2 --> Mi Audio Boost N Buff --> Boss RE-20

Pedals that are not on the board atm - Morley Chorus/Volume, Maxon PT 909 Phase Tone, Maxon Compandor (Compressor), Boss DD-3, Behringer VP1 Phaser (Trying to sell), Digitech RP250, Boss GE-7, Dunlop Rotovibe

Effects that I'm still waiting for to arrive - Red Witch Moon Phaser, Dunlop Crybaby 535Q, Roger Mayer Voodoo-axe, Boss DD-2 MIJ, Boss DSD-3 MIJ, Boss HR-2, and a Maxon DD-1000 Dual Digitar delay rackmount.

Pedals that I am looking for - Too many to list atm
Wow man how many pedals do you have waiting to arrive?

Cool find, spech for only $40. I swear everything over here is jacked ridiculously up in price.
^ yeah, its hard to find new stuff for cheap, but i've found so many bargins over the last few weeks.
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sweet find, enjoy the new toy!
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