In a couple of weeks, im gonna be making the transition from community college to university and i'll be living in an apartment. Because of my new living conditions, I will NOT be able to take my blackheart little giant. It's far too loud. Im debating taking my spider 3 for practice but I started thinking about these multi effects units. I'll probably be playing through headphones alot, maybe through computer speakers occasionally, and playing along to songs on my ipod. It sounds like one of these multi effects is just what i need but i have no idea which one to go for. Line 6, boss, i have no clue. I play mostly classic rock from led zeppelin to van halen and occasional metal. Can anyone recommend something that would work well for me in my situation? Also, if I did want some sort of way to get external sound besides playing through computer speakers, how could I do it?

Line 6 POD sounds like what you would want, or maybe a vox amplug if yoour on a budget
I've been at uni, living in a flat with 5 other people, and could still use my Mesa Express 5:25.

Unless you particularly want all of the effects, just take your Blackheart.
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