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Jesus Christ! I do this! (I am Egomaniacal, inhuman asshat)
33 77%
I don't! Bands are a collective effort! (I am a Communist)
10 23%
Voters: 43.
Have you ever noticed that all the members of your band are "Yours". Like if your in a conversation, talking about your band have you ever noticed that suddenly everyone is your music slave?

Your bands drummer = My drummer
Your bands singer = My Singer
Your bands guitarist = My guitarist
Your bands bassist = My bassist

Anyone else notice this? Anyone not do this? Theories as to why?
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Correct grammar? Cause it just is?
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cause he/she plays in my band

it's like when someone lives with you, it's YOUR roommate

Yeah, or your girlfriend, your mother, your teacher, etc.
Whats the alternative? Saying the bands drummer, the bands guitarist? That's so much longer and its not like the person you're talkin to is gonna think you own the band. It's your band just like it is the rest of the group so you all own it collectively.
this is a very pointless and interesting observation.

ive thought about this before though.
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it has to be done
otherwise if you're conversing with a female about music
"oh that's the singer"
"singer for what?"
"uh... my band, duh.\."
*walks away*
"who's that?"
"my singer"
"oh you're in a band?"
"hell yeah, babe"
*has wild sex with you*

I'll take the second option

lol wowow you guys dont know good music then... get out of your deth metal and screamo ruts and listen to something that has emotion in the music...

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I would say "our" or "the".

i say our if another member of the band is present, not a moral thing, just propper grammar because were both in the conversation.

Edit: and i use the, if like, the band members are around but not in the conversation

"who's that guy?"

"he's the drummer"

other thing would be "he plays drums for my band" but it's too long and "he's my drummer" gets the job done
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i'd rather not think too deeply about this.
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yea, I did this until my bro. the drummer got killed in a M.V.A. I was proud of MY band, thats all
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I don't have a band
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i'd say "he's in my band" not "he's my drummer"
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My lolwut?

Edit:- To avoid spam warning, I have noticed... And thought about it

I still use it
Cross out the "yet Interesting" in the thread title and you've got a decent thread.
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