Hi, I just got an account set up but have been following this site for a few years now and have decided to start attempting to take part in discussion and threads on this site.

And now for my predicament, I recently got a job and have been playing guitar for a few months now and cannot stand this crappy 15W amp my lil brother has so I researched some amps. My budget for now on a new amp would most likely be anywhere from $150-$350 ( keep in mind, I am in Canada). I was looking into getting a Peavey Vypyr 75 and the Sanpera II pedal later on. I mainly play metalcore-ish stuff (Trivium, All That Remains) and more recently some black metal and death metal. I also plan on getting a 7-string guitar later on this year or next year.

If anyone out there could give me some suggestions on amps, pedals, or anything just post in here please. It would be most helpful.
Haha ok thanks, I'll most likely get a Vypyr 30 watt then. And as far as I know the only pedals you can use with a Vypyr are the Sanpera pedals, or am I misinformed?