How good is this amp? I played around with one today and it sounded pretty good, but I am not entirely sure, especially since it costs $300 more then another amp I hear was really good.

I liked the sound and it's definitely an improvement on my Spider III (yes, go ahead and laugh at me), but I'm not entirely sure how much of an improvement it was. Can I get some advice on this amp?

Here are links to the two I've looked at.

Vox Valvetronix:

B-52 AT-112:

Any objective help is welcome at this point. Thanks in advance.
The VT is a hybrid amp. It has 1 tube in the power amp and that is it, so you won't get the full 'tubeness' out of it. I tried a VT30 at the store and it's a very good amp for the price. It sounds a hella lot better than my Ibanez Toneblaster, which means it will also sound a hella lot better than your Spider!

That said, the B-52 is all tube, so you get the true tube sound. I have not tried the B52 myself.
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need more info .. what kind of music you play .. what effects/pedals you use
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I've owned both (well I owned an AT-100 head) and they're totally different amps. If you play a VARIETY of genres, I'd get the Vox. The B-52's cleans and light crunch just seems kind blah to me. However, it's high gain was great. The Vox does high gain stuff pretty well itself but something just doesn't seem quite as organic about it. Hopefully that little bit of insight helps. If you have any specific questions about the VT100, feel free to ask me.
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I play a lot of metal (gee, go figure). However, I do like a decent clean sound, but as I don't do as much on a clean tone, if it'll save me $300, I can deal with only a decent clean sound.