Hey, guys. This is probably going to(Hopefully) be my last amp question for a while. So today, me and my stepdad settled on getting a Peavy Windsor full stack. The cabinets are the same as with the 5150. So far from what I've played in the shop, it sounds pretty dang good. I wanted to get a mesa dual or triple rectifier, but after playing this and playing with the tone and using my overdrive pedal I got a pretty good tone for what I wanted.

My question is if I decide I want an even stronger metal tone; is it possible to replace the EL34 power tube amps with the 6L6's like what are in the 6505/5150? This may make my clean tones a bit harder to achieve as I did today, but it's very rare I use a clean tone. Thanks.
How do you go from wanting a mesa to a windsor?
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How do you go from wanting a mesa to a windsor?

Right now, just money. Chances are, here in a year or so to come, I'll get rid of the Windsor head and get a Mesa. Right now, I don't have the money to spend on the Mesa as there are things I'm also saving up for like car insurance. So in the same time, I'll be saving up for the two, but I also need a more powerful amp the one I have right now. I figured get something cheap now with some fairly good cabs, and then get the head I want in a year or two at the most. And thanks for answering my question.
I don't think it would be possible to put 6L6es in the Windsor, as the circuit isn't designed with that in mind.

It would also make it easier for you to achieve cleans, actually, as 6L6 tubes have more headroom than EL34s, but also more gain.

If you want to get br00t4lz on a budget, check out the Peavey VTM... they can be found used for very reasonable prices.

Or you could always just get a more powerful OD pedal.

Also, I'd advise against the 5150 cab... get an Avatar or a Vader instead.
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A good cab with good speakers will last you a long time, and won't need to get replaced. People dig the Vintage 30 speakers a lot these days. Avatar and other companies make good affordable cabs. Don't rule out used amps in your price range either, you could find a good deal.