i was reading music + playing my guitar when i saw a accompaniment chord that play on treble clef a B , C , + E note. B and C for the first octave are on the same string, how do u play it? (iamusingpsp) not finger picking , from berklee press MOdern Method for Guitar book.
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You can't play two notes on the same string at the same time.

All I could think of for the chord was like this:

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Could be how it was written...a tied or slide or even a grace note would put those two notes on the same string...for some form of Cmaj or maj 7 im thinking..could be on the G string .. 4 & 5th fret..open and first fret on the B string...or even the A string 2nd & 3rd fret

would need a bit more info to be sure....

play well

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