He has never played before, but will not stop playing after a few months (trust me i know him)

So he has about a 700$ budget and i convinced him to get decent starting gear instead of crap starter ones since he wont drop it after a few months.

I recommended him a B-52 AT 112 and he is pretty st on getting it.

That leaves 390 for the guitar after shipping and tax, but he is willing to push it to 350 if its worth the quality.

He likes Red, Papa Roach, Linking Park, etc.

Im leaning on recommending him a quality epiphone for versatility (used or new), but i would like come input form UG.

He is willing to go used and he live in Miami


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Lets see... I've got an Epi SG (in my sig) with emgs... its pretty versatile. I'd recommend something with a thinner, less dense wood on the body... I'd say get a cheaper guitar and then upgrade the pickups.

as for wood, a lot of cheaper guitars have Basswood, which is light weight and also gives you a more trebley sound. Good for that kind of music.
Maybe a Epiphone Prophecy (insert gibson guitar shape here) EX (EMGS) or GX (Gibson Dirty Fingers)
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G-400 with EMG's sounds like a pretty decent idea.One of the reasons I would buy an SG over a les paul if I was on a budget,is that the lack of a top and the fairly thin body brings production costs down a bit.So they are similiar quality but a lower price.I'd probably be leaning towards a mahogany body,for an overall darker tone.
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Everyone just jumps on the bandwagon and gives the same advice in these situations. You know what? I'm going to be different. Call the firemen.
Cort X-6 or KX-5 would be nice. If he's as dedicated as you say, then a guitar that can take him all the way to regular gigging is important and I would question that an Epi is up to it. There are plenty of LP types around and Agile have a decent reputation. Maybe the most important thing is what he'll be comfortable with.
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I'd get him a decent acoustic as he can get a feel for guitar, the acoustic will also help his fingers stronger for Barre chords, and theyre much cheaper too (lower end ones)
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Epiphones are the way forward! <3