ok so my guitar teacher has told me that i am to try and analyse a song and figure out the chords being played behind each part and wat key the song is in and wat scales and modes are being used. he wants me to do 'For the love of god' by Steve Vai and im not too sure about how to go about this help would be appreciated

well, start out by finding the root notes in the chords, then you can figure out what chords he is using, then figure out what mode it is based on what notes he plays over those chords...that is my suggestion...thats what i do when i am analyzing songs...

and i am taking for granted that you are far enough along to understand modes and stuff like that, if not send me a message and i will explain the best i can
yeh weve been learning modes and stuff and this analysis is him teaching me to recognize modes by listening rather then using tabs
There's a phrygian inflection in the harmony, but all the notes in the lead (melody) follow E minor.

It's as ambiguous as Vai himself, but ye, he's an alien.

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