Before I begin, let me just outline the problem here:

What we're dealing with is a Seagull Entourage Mini Jumbo with a cedar top and a semi-gloss finish, which has been done very lightly. It's a wonderful guitar, and has a great sound, and I got it for under $300. I know, great buy, right? Well, of course, you get what you pay for and there's the subtle nuances like the plastic bridge pins, the partly plastic tuners, the quality of the binding, and so on.

But, the REAL problem is the rosette, if you could call it that. The thing is, a new way to save some bucks, apparently, is to not install a rosette on a guitar, or even draw or press one, but to apply a thick, rubbery sticker rosette with a somewhat, average, almost detracting herringbone pattern. It looks bad, it's shiny in the light and looks unnatural, and it gets in the way during fingerstyle, sometimes, as my thumb gets caught against it's rubbery surface.

I've heard of people removing this rosette (as well as the pickguard) and saying that it was an improvement in the asthetic of the guitar, as well as the sound. However, I'm wondering if this isn't just a placebo effect from having made the choice, and I wonder if it's right to leave my guitar with nothing. Some people claim that, even though the rosette is a cheap POS, its still there to protect the structural integrity of the soundhole, which I can understand as it's cedar. But, is a sticker really doing anything?

In any case, there's another option that I'm toying with: taking off the crappy fake rosette and putting on a new fake rosette. I've seen only one website that actually sells decal rosettes, though. And, this only counts for that thin shiny strip.

In addendum to this idea, I've thought about tracing the outside of the old rosette with a pen or something to create boundary lines and placing the sticker between them, to simulate the image provided on the website.

A final option would be to wait until I move up to the UC Santa Barbara campus this fall and attempt to find an art student who could paint a rosette on.

I have no experience or knowledge in the luthier craft, so I need your advice on making the right decision, or at least counting out any damaging options. I didn't want to make much of an investment in an acoustic guitar at the time of purchase, and I was more interested in the sound than the appearance, but I feel obligated now to try and make an effort to do something about it.
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