Has anyone had any bad experiences with it? (i.e. harmful viruses, didnt work,) And what all can it do?
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i didnt have any problems with it.
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i didnt have any problems with it.

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Tux Guitar is basically the free version of Guitar Pro, but it's missing a few features.
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nothing majorly wrong with it, although it does crash occassionally if you do too much at once.

its basically the exact same as guitarpro, but in my opinion better.

i have guitarpro aswell but i only use it if i want to mess about with the RSE but for actually writing music, i use tux.
And it sucks for people with lower eyesight, because the lack of a zoom function.

If you can get guitar pro, which i will NOT recommend you to pirate, because 99,99 percent of torrents of GP makes your comp crash.
From what I hear, it's a good program. But I've had Guitar Pro for several years and I couldn't get used to the layout of Tux' and the way it all looked.
But if you're new to these programs, I'd say go for it. I haven't heard of any major problems with it.
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how? I tried it the way you do it in GP and it didnt work =/
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