Alright. Well today i bought a jackson kelly performer. It's used so it's dinged up and has some scratches. It also has a gloss finish... which i'm not a fan of. I like the red flame top but i think i'd like to make this guitar into a natural finished guitar. I just don't want it to be a gloss natural. I've heard of oil finishes. Would this be a good idea to get what i want?

I've never sanded down a finish before so any advice would be good. Now on to my second question. The guitar has dings, like alot of them. They're hard to see unless you're in high light and they're all not so deep. Would it be possible for Me to sand off most of the dings/ scrapes on the wings and keep the guitars structure in tact or would this remove too much of the wood or something like that?

Would it be better for a professional to do this over me or is sanding/ applying an oil finish easy enough for a monkey like me?

Thanks in advance, Alex.
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