well currently at guitarcenter they have a trade in trade up deal. you trade in your gear for something else and get 15% off during the transaction I was thinking about trading in my old Line 6 Pocket Pod. it works perfectly and sounds pretty cool. how much do you think i could get for trading it in?
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Id suggest selling it on Cl or eBay, youd get more, unless you buy big I suppose, but its up to you. Whats the worst thaing that you could do?

Give a go, if you dont like the deal, just say no.
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Seconded ^

You'll get a lot more money if you do Craigslist or Ebay. Unless your getting like a $1000 amp or something.

Also, I love my pocket pod. It's not exactly the best sounding thing out there, but for headphone amps its up there. I love being able to practice at 5 am in my dorm without pissing people off with my JSX.
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