So I've been playing for a year now and kinda hit a rut a while ago.

I've always played with my left hand, the fretting hand, in the classical position with the edge of the neck pressing against my knuckles(the insides of them). Today, I felt like trying to get further over the fretboard and detached my hand from the neck except for the thumb resting on the back.

Boy, what a difference. Even without practicing I was able to notice a different. Notes rang out much more clearly, I had more control of what I was doing, and I was faster. All from one little switch. Yes, it was awkward, and it still is as I spent only a few minutes with this, but it is something I expect to help me a great deal in the future with practice.

Just thought I'd post my findings so that someone else may see this and maybe try it if they're in the same position.

I also ended up googling fret hand position and found that this is what I'm supposed to do. Nice knowing that the left hand isn't supposed to anchor on the neck except for the thumb.
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I usually have my thumb on the middle of the neck behind the middle finger, or the rude finger as my kids call it.
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TS, if you were really using the classical hand position before this discovery, the insides of your knuckles wouldn't be touching the neck. :P

Okay, dickery aside, it's great when you can actually play without any contact to the neck whatsoever ('cept the thumb and fingertips). It took me a long time to learn how to play without the inside of my index knuckle touching the neck - so be grateful that you discovered this early on in your playing, now you'll be able to rectify that quicker.

Just throwing this out there by chance - are you making sure your pinky isn't moving too much when you're fretting notes with your ring finger? Make sure you've got that finger independence thing down!