what kind of riffs do you find crushing? Me personally, I like riffs that groove, like New Millenium Cyanide Christ from Meshuggah or Walk from Pantera.

maybe you like Nile-esque shred riffs, or Sabbath-esque slow and droning riffs?

Concrete Jungle. That overdrive

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Any type of riff I find heavy enough. From something like Pantera to something like Isis. I wouldn't normally limit to one genre, although I would say that I don't often find thrash riffs particularly heavy.
Overdrive on a Marshall MG ... crushing.
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Pantera - 5 Minutes Alone
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My Sweet Shadow by In Flames, the riff that starts after 20 sec or so.
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Walk from Pantera.

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electric wizard - dopethrone

gojira - vacuity
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what do you find "crushing"
I find this "crushing":

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Stuff like Dissection from Diesel machine.
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electric wizard - dopethrone

gojira - vacuity

I was about to complement this random user for his excellent musical taste, then realised it was you. Awesome.


Just kidding

whatever sounds cool really.
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There are 5 songs that do it for me:
I was cruel by Magic Dirt.Very rare song,but the end of it= ****ing awesome
The end of Erotic Nuerotic by the saints.The bit where Chris Bailey starts counting.Simple,and it is repeated throughout the song several times,but it's some good with the counting on top aswell.
The verse of Godzilla by Fu Manchu is pretty crushing, and Fatso Forgotso by Kyuss rates up there aswell.
But the best is the middle riff from into the void.
Seagulls,the chicken of the ocean.

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MG's overdirve.

EDIT: Damn I'm slow.

EDIT 2: Kreator - Impossible Brutality, mainly the chorus riff.
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im not really a fan of metal so the hole 'crushing' thing doesnt apply for me. i suppose the closest thing to it that i like is more of a warm 'fuzzy' sound.
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Between the buried and me... the guitar tone is really unique. Same with Slipknot and Pantera.
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Ultra-Violent - Cavalera Conspiracy
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None more crushing than Septic Flesh:

Listen to it build for the first 35seconds, and it smashes you into a wall after that.

Oh, there's always Pleurisy, too.

The best bit is just after the second chorus at 1:50, it slows down a bit and becomes absolutely, well, crushing.
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Drag the Waters Intro - Pantera
Sad But True Main riff - Metallica
Invisible Kid Main riff - Metallica (such a wasted riff!)
That was just your life main riff - Metallica
Into the Pit Chorus - Testament
Imperium - Machine Head (whole song)
Iron Man - Black Sabbath
Here to Stay Intro - Korn
Freak on a leash (riff after Jon shouts GO!) - Korn
Stricken Intro - Disturbed

Plus loads more!
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