Hello everyone!
I want to start playing blues on my acoustic guitar but I dont know with wich songs I can start, I actually dont know anything about blues.
So what you guys do you recommend me?
depends what kinda blues,

listen to some john mayer for newer accoustic blues (the heart of life, why georgia, no such thing, neon, in your atmosphere - all accoustic)
also some BB king - not sure exactly what to listen to here, just pick a few out
even clapton's tears in heaven or layla accoustic is a good shout

other than that most of the blues songs i'm into play electric guitar... once again those mentioned above also stevie ray vaughan, jimi hendrix, albert king, even doyle bramhall II
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For soloing: I started playing the blues by learning the Minor Pentatonic in A. Than when I got that covered tried practicing some soloing along with BB Kings The Thrill It's Gone. It's a slow song so even when you're no star at the minor pentatonic you can still create some nice solos. I'd recommend the album version which is in Bm (conveniantly not so far from the A minor that people often use to learn the Minor Pentantonic).

Hope that helps
life by the drop - Stevie ray vaughan, great acoustic song
any of claptons unplugged (like rollin' and tumblin')

just learn 12 bar (I IX X) (1st 4th 5th) and you will be fine
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depends on what kind of blues you're looking to play. i like robert johnson's love in vain if you're looking for classic delta blues that's easy to play.
Listen to some Keb' Mo stuff. He does some nice Robert Johnson covers on his albums. Also the old delta bluesmen eg. Son House or Mississippi John Hurt for acoustic..."John the Revelator" "Lay me a pallet on your floor". You don't have to be super skilled to do these types.
Jimi Hendrix-"Catfish Blues" simplicity meets elegance
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When I started doing blues music, Robert Johnson was my main inspiration but I grew to dig Lightnin Hopkins, Muddy Waters, BB King(not really acoustic but what the hell, right?). My suggestion learn and listen to anything you can get your hands on, period!