I've been playing about a year now, electric guitar, I prefer metal mostly but I like acoustic and classic stuff aswell. Thats just a little background.
I have trouble at times skipping strings and hitting the right ones, and even without skipping. Or at the start of a arpeggio, I'll hit the wrong note. Bear in mind im not looking at my right hand. When I arppegiate chords, sometimes ill miss a few string and hit a wrong one. I used to look at my right hand up until 3 weeks ago. I've adjusted some what to not looking at my right hand, but on sometimes I just seem to miss strings.
Any advice?
yeah just practice with it you'll get it eventually try songs that have tremblo picking on 1 string then hitting another string and going back to the first string
Slow down, so you can focus on accuracy. Once you get it nailed then let it speed up again.