I don't know whats going on but my guitar playing is just getting worse and worse
Started about 2 weeks ago and i noticed that i was playing very sloopy, so i just thought i needed some more practice and went back to some easier songs that i normaly can play perfectly, but those sounded sloopy aswell.

I been practicing alot the last 2 weeks to get rid of the sloopiness in the playing, both playing slowly and fast, but i keep getting worse every day that i practice. Especially fast riffing with gallops like battery, damage inc, disposable heroes, holy wars .. i could play those song pretty good but now i CANT play them at all, just getting stuck on the E-string.

what is going on ? whatever i play it just sound sloopy or i cant even play it
Its probably mental rather than you're actually getting worse - if you had a bad day and then put loads of pressure on yourself to play well, you'll try and force it and end up playing with more tension, which will make you mess up more, then it becomes a vicious circle.

If you think you're playing sloppy slow down to a speed you can play it accurately - if you practice sloppy playing you're instilling sloppy playing into your muscle memory!

If I was you I'd stop trying so hard - take a break from playing songs for a couple of days, maybe stick a backing track on and just improvise. You can noodle at your own speed, just enjoy playing and don't put any pressure on yourself
Take time to make sure that you feel comfortable with your playing position.

Take your time, don't rush. The main problem is probably mental. If you're all stressed out and feel like "I'm ****ing gonna kick this riff in the ass" the relax.
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Dedicate yourself and try to strech your limits. like playing something too hard for your skill level.

Practice 5-6 hours a day.
Maybe you just need a short break to let your brain digest the material for a second. If practicing more doesn't help, try the opposite and take a day or two off. Trying to force it isn't going to help.