there is one used at my guitar cnter for 200$$ and it's right in my price range. unfortunately last time i went to the ol' center (which was, yesterday) i didn't have time to play it and try it out. so im asking if it worth going back up to try and buy it for that price. anyone own it before, tell me how you liked it? thanks
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Check it out on www.harmony-central.com, heaps of reviews on there, but definitely go and try it out in person, that is the only way to know if the guitar is right for you.
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anything below the japanese pro series isnt worth anyones time really - especially if you're a serious player. if you just like the shape and dick around in your bedroom then fair enough.

i owned a limited edition pinstripe model with duncan designed pickups (sort of half a step above the stock js30rr model). it was horrible, so i took it back and bought a dkmgt instead.
I owned one once but I took it back. To me the neck feel uncomfortable, the pickups were really muddy, and you can't really play it sitting down b/c the input jack is right were it sits on your leg. Thats just my opinion, you should just go try it out for yourself.
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