Im curently trying to understand harmony and music theory off of the internet.
I get how chords , scales and how you can harmonize a scale.

My question is the following , say you take a normal chord progression . something like

Cmaj - Fmaj - Gmaj - Cmaj.

How would one go about using an Fmaj7 chord , or a Cadd9 and so forth.

Can I just substituite the Fmaj chord with the other one , or how does all of this work?
As long as it fis in the key you're playing, you can sure do that.

Cmaj - Fmaj7 - Gmaj(b7) - Cmaj for example would also work, because all the notes you're adding are fitting in the key of C, in which I'll assume we are playing.

Because the chords are now build out of:

Cmaj: C-E-G
Fmaj7: F-A-C-E
Gmaj(b7): G-B-D-F -<< the F would normally be F# in the scale of G, but we lowered it
Cmaj: C-E-G

All those notes fit the scale of C major.
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The above answer is correct, but it's important to remember that music theory shouldn't be treated as rules you must obide by, but more as a guideline/framework.
heres a quick outline of how chords, in a diatonic key,
there are 7 chords, chord 1 ,2 3, ect
choose the major key u want, ( i do basic C)
chord 1 in MAJOR KEY= Cmajor

C / 1 / major
DM / 2 / minor
EM / 3 / minor
F / 4 / major
G / 5 / major- (the dominant)
AM /6 / minor- (relative minor)
BM7(b5) / 7 / minor known as "half dimished)

if u want a minor progession key put ur minor key chord u want in chord 6 and work around eg. 6 . 7 .1 .2 .3 ect.

learn these basics if u dont already know them
then u can go onto cliche tricks such as putting the 4th key of a major progression as the minor for that "romantic" feel
or the 3rd chord of the key as a major instead of minor
listen to death cab for cutie: i will follow you into the dark" for a good example of these "tricks"
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I already understand all of those concepts DudeZ but thank you for your help.
I just wanted to know how youd go about using different chords apart from Major and Minor ones and still stay in key.
KoenDercksen confirmed what I had thought , thank you.