I'm selling a Fender G-DEC 30, an HP laptop and a Roland Edirol UM-1 MIDI interface. The amp is about 18 months old, the laptop a couple of years and the UM1 about a year. I had the single 10" speaker replaced with high quality 6x9" speakers to give better drum reproduction. Original speaker is available and will be supplied with amp.

The items are all in Manchester, UK. All are in good working order and clean. I'm looking for £120 for the lot.

GDEC & Laptop
MIDI interface

Official Fender details:
Fender G-DEC site
Not selling just the laptop, its laptop and GDEC.

The G-DEC is Fender modelling amp - it's the most feature packed version in the G-DEC family. It's 30 watt, 100 amp presets, various amp models, built-in effects (wah, phaser, fuzz etc). Has a MIDI interface so you can load MIDI songs as backing tracks onto it to play along with.