im looking for a carmelo catania, from 1940s or 50s, the one entitled mod 22 archtop on fetishguitar.com and ive also heard it called the gypsy jazz guitar. anyone know where i can find one?
Well, if you're looking for something that is that old, you might want to look around on ebay and some other places over the internet...I'm not too sure exactly on finding vintage instruments though, my oldest guitar is from 2006 XD.
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i just found out that my little brown archtop has a really interesting bracing: back has no braces, but the top has only a center brace that runs from the neck joint almost to the tailblock. it's relatively high and exactly under the bridge is a 3 - 4cm cutout, so the brace forms a "bridge" under the bridge. never seen that before...
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