Okay, so I'm not sure if this is something that normally would happen at first, and would take time getting used to, or.. I've been holding the guitar wrong for a couple of years ._.

So when I play sitting down, my left hand's (fretting hand's) thumb in behind the fretboard, wrist bent. But when I play standing up, it seems as though I have to bend my wrist even more in order to create a clear sound.

But, when I watch Youtube videos of people's covers, their thumbs are above the fret neck, not behind.

So my question is, do I just need to get used to the feeling of playing standing up, or is my hand positioning completely wrong ._.?

it sounds like to me your wrist positining is odd. it seams like you might be straining your writs. try putting your thumb sideways across the back of the neck. i usualy dont pay atention to that tho and i ll keep my hand how it feels the most comfortable for me, and thats usualy changes based on the styles im doing.

Edit: Also try playing with your guitar a little higher if your playing low, and relax your arms

Double edit:
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If you have your guitar too low it can cause pain i your wrist .
Maybe you just have to get used to it , some people have different techniques .

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Your thumb should be opposite your middle finger. As in, it should almost look like you're pinching the neck with those two fingers. Putting your thumb over the top is useful in some situations, but the thumb-behind-the-neck position is best.

Make sure your posture is good. If (when you're sitting) your guitar is sitting on your right leg and you're hunched over it, that's bad posture. If (when you're standing) your guitar is clear down at your waist, that's bad unless you have uber-long arms. If you raise the guitar a bit, your wrist will have to bend less.

For some posture help, I'm pretty sure Freepower has a good posture lesson on his Youtube, check that out. Posture is EXTREMELY important in not injuring your back or wrist.