Here is an Alternative / Electronic / Progressive Rock Song That I've Been Working On. Influences for the song are mostly Muse & Snow Patrol. It's Quite different to the usual stuff you see on UG, so make what you want of it. Basically, I would really like any ideas on how to improve it, especially concerning getting the break down after the interlude perfect (i'm considering delaying the solo). Thanks.

P.S. You will notice the experimentalness of this piece:
- 2 Basses: One Clean, One Distorted
- Wah On Distorted Bass
- Let Ring On Distorted Bass
- Unusual Structure
- (Vocals will probably use some sort of crazy reverb)
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Seems like a nice intro for a long a song
I have one remark and one question.
Remark: The bass blowthorch plays the same thing for 16 bars and it's much louder than the synth, which has a more interesting melody. I think the bass should be pushed back a little as a back-up and not as a main instrument.
Question: the electric guitar plays a few double-string bendings with different bending times and amplitudes (sorry if it's not the right word I'm not a native English speaker), how do you perform that on a real thing?
Yes, I was thinking it would be fairly long (maybe around the 7min mark).
Firstly, Your comment on the Bass is probably due to a lack of my EQ abilities! lol
Secondly, I know the string bending is possible even if a little tricky, but since I play both Guitar and Synths for the band this may have to be a backing track anyway...