I signed onto ebay last night. Randomly saw this going for $200 some odd bucks with 12 minutes left. Bidded and won for $315.

Anyway, it seems to be ok aside from the jacked up part of the horn near the strap pin. Do you guys think that's fixable? I was probably planning to strip this bad boy down anyway.

Also, that looks like rust on the frets. Can I just take some steel wool to it and knock that out?

I think this should be a fun project guitar. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet except that I'm putting DS7 in the bridge.



The only pics I have are of the ebay auction. It wouldn't let me save the pics for some resaon.

I've been toying with a couple more ideas (it's been slow at work so I have lots of time to think.):

-I saw this petrucci model online that was a flamed top with the picasso pattern dyed over top. Basically I'm assuming the artist taped off the pattern and dyed it accordingly. If i were to attempt something like this would there be a particular type of tape to use or is regular masking tape sufficient? I'm mainly worrying about it peeling while i'm trying to stain or bleeding past the edge of the tape.

-This idea is a little strange. Kind of like a guitar tattoo, if you will. I was also thinking I might try to draw something on it. Maybe an interesting scene. Maybe a bunch of random stuff (I'd try to tie the whole thing together somehow, of course). I also have a clear pickguard for a 7620 laying around that I just never got to use. I also thought that I could possibly trace the outline of it and draw a design that fits only within (or outside of) the boundaries of the pickguard outline. Whatever I decide to do, if I were to draw on it would tung oil protect it from rubbing off or would it be better to use a lacquer of some sort?

-Also, is it possible to tint acrylic?
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