I'm looking for an inexpensive distortion pedal that can provide me with light fuzz tones that i can use to mimic electronic music and some techno, for example everything in its right place by radiohead or "with a girl like you" by dave sitek, etc.

got any ideas?
so wait, you want to do synth sounds with your guitar?
If so, e-bow+big muff will do the trick
[quote="'[= Tom ="]']Electro Harmonix Microsynth

Sounds like what you're after.

he said INEXPENSIVE, the microsynth is like 250$
Ibanez Synth Wah? It's a combination of an autowah and a filter, with some ring-moddy-type sounds to it. I don't like the way it sounds on bass (which is what it was intended for), but I got some killer sounds out of it with my guitar.

Actually the sounds were neat on bass too, but my low end all went away. Guess that's why it's a fifth the price of the Microsynth.
Yeah microsynth would be it, but its not exactly inexpensive. You could try a digitech synth, but it wont be as high of quality.