A hard working man
With a coffee laced farmer's tan
Knew his fortune
Before the telling began

He kept to himself for awhile
That bible on the floor could be a new tile
Liked to put himself on trial
For everytime he couldn't fake a smile

Personality alters and changes
Designs an essence that's not even his
Trying so hard to reminisce and miss
His settled self, something that fails to exist

If Lenny Comes Out
Oh If Lenny Comes Out
It's alright
It was meant to be

The sterile burden of the city would soon ensue
The lack of something new to look forward to
Duality from one person's point of view
Could be to hard to say who is who

Expressions were never part of his cue
But he showed us all the result of keeping it in too long
His acting debut
Had mixed reviews

His fear of what they all would say
Was overwhelming his actions
He couldn't seem to articulate
What was pulling his strings and rendering them undone
One by one

If Lenny Comes Out
Oh If Lenny Comes Out
It's alright
It was meant to be

He walks out on stage
Surrounded by assorted sage
He lies down and continues to age
In his decrepit hand, the last page of the play

When Lenny Comes Out
When Lenny Comes Out

Some of the rhymes feel too forced, especially the second stanza in the first verse, and the last verse stanza. Your best line, IMHO, is "His acting debut/ had mixed reviews."

Try rewriting the song slightly to say what you want to say, as opposed to what fits the rhyme scheme. It's okay if they just sound sort of similar - maybe better. Toss a couple lines in there with a few more syllables too. While constant meter and a strict rhyme scheme may be technically correct, it makes music sound too 4/4.

Oh, and put the last line of the last stanza, "Of the play" on it's own line. I'd change the secod or third line so they don't rhyme so obviously, and use "of the play" as a lead-in to the chorus. I sing in kind of a Tom Waits style, so I'd repeat it a couple times over the chorus chords before I starting singing the actual chorus. If I had a stronger rock voice, I'd probably hold the word 'play' for a measure or so.

Very good overall. I really like the chorus. You could potentially have a really good song there. It's the sort of song that I would write (assuming I wasn't blocked like crazy right now), so that should give you an idea how much I like it.